Гончарук Анатолій Григорович

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  • Документ
    Studying the Impact of Human Resources on the Efficiency of Healthcare Systems and Person-Centred Care : book chapter
    (Springer, 2022) Honcharuk, Anatolii H.; Гончарук, Анатолій Григорович; Knezevic, Bojana; Lewandowski, Roman Andrzej; Vajagic, Maja
    We explore the alternative explanation for barriers and facilitators for implementation of PCC evolving from human resources through the lenses of institu-tional theory. We have deepened the explanation by adding the perspective of different institutional logics, which shows that the physician’s resistance or nurses’ support may originate from the differences in institutional logics. Working with patients by applying person-centered principles places new demands on health professionals. It is widely agreed that education and training are very important for the clarification on the roles of professionals in the person-centred care. PCC education programs were designed to be delivered through informal training, continued medical educa-tion, leadership development and training through mentors’ system. Managers, on the other hand, may support the implementation of PCC, but their motivation may be less oriented to increase of service quality, than gaining higher external legitimacy of the organization and increase organizational access to external resources. Therefore, managers may not implement sufficient control and motivational mechanisms for healthcare professionals for following PCC routines and make them slip back into ‘usual care’ or lose interest, knowledge or commitment. As the psychological state of medical staff can determine the duration and success of the treatment and care,therefore they should be properly motivated. In this chapter we show comparative research study in Ukraine and Poland. The methodology of this study selected a list of motivators for medical staff in both countries. The results of this study brought the main findings that may be useful for reforming inefficient healthcare systems.
  • Документ
    Advancement of Efficiency Evaluation for Healthcare : book chapter
    (Springer, 2022) Honcharuk, Anatolii H.; Гончарук, Анатолій Григорович; Canolle, Fabien; Antonic, Darijana; Melo, Paulo; Raposo, Vítor; Vinot, Didier
    The objective of this chapter is to provide conceptual understandings of evaluation methods for healthcare and concrete illustrations in order to take stock of the advancements and applications on the subject. The chapter is divided in four sections: the first one sets the stage at a European level by evaluating healthcare system performance; the second goes back to the fundamental principles of methods of evaluation for healthcare; the third one follows with illustrations of patient-centred and person-centred methods of evaluation; and the last part moves forward with a reflection on intangibles and a proposition for a method of observation.