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    Сryptocurrency in the context of development of digital single market in European Union
    (2016) Nahorniak, Iryna; Нагорняк, Ірина; Нагорняк, Ирина; Leonova, Kristina; Леонова, Христина; Леонова, Кристина; Skorokhod, Vladyslava; Скороход, Владислава; Скороход, Владислава
    The 21st century - is the century of technologies, destroying of economic barriers, unification and globalization. Nowadays, post-industrial society, where market forces have become quite complex the traditional economic transactional mechanisms in- cluding newly introduced credit cards, debit cards, ATM and other electronic systems are insufficient to cope with the new economic pressures and demands of the soci- ety. Europe requires free movement of people, data, goods, funds. Paper is devoted to implementing cryptocurrency in the context of development of digital single market in EU. Aim of the paper is to investigate crypto currency, namely, bitcoin, define its notion, explain its operation, examine its legal basis in the world and in EU and offer future steps for achieving the main goals of the Digital Single Market Strategy. Paper concludes, that the lack of legal foundation of bitcoin exists and proves the necessity of adopting an adopt single Virtual Currency Act, creation of the body, which will be authorized to issuing licenses, exemption the transactions with virtual currency from taxation, spreading ideas concerning using of virtual currency in modern society.