Чанишев Рашид Ібрагимович

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  • Документ
    Ecological safety of the region`s population in the aspect of the logistic-activity approach to its formation and legal regulation
    (IOP Publishing, 2021) Ківалов, Сергій Васильович; Ківалов, С. В.; Кивалов, Сергей Васильевич; Kivalov, Serhii V.; Кузьминчук, Наталія Валеріївна; Кузьминчук, Н. В.; Кузьминчук, Наталия Валерьевна; Kuzmynchuk, Nataliia V.; Тарасенко, Вікторія Сергіївна; Тарасенко, В. С.; Тарасенко, Виктория Сергеевна; Tarasenko, Viktoriia S.; Волошина, Світлана Михайлівна; Волошина, С. М.; Волошина, Светлана Михайловна; Чанишев, Рашид Ібрагімович; Чанишев, Р. І.; Чанишев, Рашид Ибрагимович; Chanyshev, Rashyd I.; Щукін, Олександр Сергійович; Щукін, О. С.; Щукин, Александр Сергеевич; Shchukin, Oleksandr S.
    The issues of ensuring the ecological safety of the region`s population are actualized in the context of the growth increasing in the natural resources, accompanied by the increase in anthropogenic pressures on the environment and humans, aggravation of environmental problems, deterioration of the life quality and environmental conditions of activity in the region. The aim of the study is to develop the theoretical foundations for ensuring the ecological safety of the population of the region on the basis of a logistic-activity approach to its formation in the context of legal regulation of the environmental management process as a factor in achieving sustainable development goals and increasing energy efficiency. Using the methods of economic and mathematical modeling it is substantiated the existence of the relationship between the level of ecological safety of the region's population and the amount of the funds from the budget allocated to finance environmental programs. Improving the legal regulation of the processes of ensuring the ecological safety of the region's population for optimizing the budget expenditures for the implementation of environmental programs will create the conditions for realizing the economic potential of the region's development, increasing the level and quality of life of the population.
  • Документ
    Program-Technical Aspects of Encryption Protection of Users' Data
    (2016) Логінова, Наталія Іванівна; Логинова, Наталья Ивановна; Loginova, Natalia I.; Трофименко, Олена Григорівна; Трофименко, Елена Григорьевна; Trofimenko, Elena G.; Задерейко, Олександр Владиславович; Задерейко, Александр Владиславович; Olexander Zadereyko, Olexandr V.; Чанишев, Рашид Ібрагимович; Чанишев, Рашид Ибрагимович; Chanyshev, Rashid I.
    The effective protection of different storage devices is impossible without multifunctional encryption software. For this task solution it is suggested to use TrueCrypt, the crossplatform cryptographic software, allowing to carry out the on-the-fly encryption. There was conducted the analysis of TrueCrypt performance capabilities and efficiency. The algorithm of TrueCrypt practical application for storage device protection was worked out. It was shown that TrueCrypt implementation is the most effective measure which allows to prevent the losses of users' confidential information stored on PC as well as on removable storage devices.